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About US

Full Partituras is a team that was born in 2013 with the aim of providing resources to musicians from all over Latin America. Our first project was a website that stores Latin musical scores like salsa, merengue, cumbia, porro, rock, jazz, blues, soundtrack, big band, pop and other Latin genres that have been added little by little thanks to our great community of collaborators.

In 2015 we launched our official blog, in which we teach music, such as harmony, chords and different musical methods for piano, trumpet, guitar, trombone, among others. A website that was warmly received by the entire Latino community of musicians who visit us. This blog is one of the most complete and visited in all of Latin America.

After 2017, we fully dedicated ourselves to the Full Sheet Music project and launched interactive applications, including virtual piano, online metronome, tuner, music theory and rhythm game, free midis and others that we are about to launch.


We love creating apps so that musicians from all over the world can educate themselves, study, improve their musical ability and share material with other musicians who also require it. So we decided to launch multiple websites:

Full Partituras

Blog Full Partituras

Online Metronome

Game Rhythm


Virtual Tuner

Free MIDIs Files